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About Us

Delta Royale Riverside Home Stay

Delta Royale Riverside Homestay stands as Bengre’s premier family retreat, a nature-infused, eco-luxury haven nestled along the Delta Beach in Karnataka, India. Enveloped by riverside tranquility, morning mists, and bird serenades, it seamlessly integrates architectural marvels with the surrounding landscape, offering a truly immersive nature experience. Our commitment to luxury and nature knows no bounds.

+91 98447 37353

Parking Space

The resort provides enough parking for visitors. The parking lot is spacious with all necessary safety measures.

Room Service

To make visitors’ stay more convenient, there is an availability of room service and the timing for room service is 08:00 AM to 10:30 PM.

Wifi Internet

Both in the rooms and the resort’s common spaces, wi-fi is accessible.


Enjoy a great breakfast including a variety of cuisines.

Book your holiday best for relaxed natural encounters

What Client's Say?

“Delta Royale Riverside Homestay is simply stunning! A beautiful retreat with an amazing ambiance. Highly recommend for a memorable getaway.”


“Delta Royale Riverside Homestay offers a picturesque retreat. Beautiful stay, stunning surroundings. Truly memorable experience.”


“Delta Royale Riverside Homestay exceeded expectations. Beautiful accommodation, stunning surroundings. A perfect holiday escape. Highly recommended for a memorable experience.”

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